Who are we and why does it matter?

Assemble is an open-source technology focused solution provider. Our experience varies from small online tools (such as sales tools, monitoring tools, scrapers) to bespoke systems and platforms. All our work goes through a requirements investigation phase, to an architectural design process, ensuring we’re solving the exact problem, and then on to specification and planning, to development and implementation. We assign a team based on the skills required for the project and the turn around time needed. This matters because we are passionate about delivering great solutions which seek to improve and change how you work, how efficient you are, how you can monitor your information, and how your customers see you. We avoid the short-cuts and quick fix solutions that become pitfalls in growth and scaling your project. Rather, we use proven technologies and methodologies to achieve our goal efficiently and with excellence.

The Team

Every great team has diverse specialists that are bound by a common goal. Each of these people below have a set of skills that bring a new dimension to the team, and they are carefully selected for your project based on the requirement. Although our team is highly skilled and qualified, we still encourage self-investment in skills, and we often assign a team member to a project that will challenge and grow them. We also encourage time spent on learning projects and courses or seminars where possible. We have an ethos of helping each other and problem solving together. In short, your project is in good hands!

  • Billy Einkamerer

    Business Owner, visionary of visions and pointy haired boss

  • Freddie Cronje

    Project Manager, project protector and office botanist

  • Alex Blake

    Developer, coder of code and general problem solver

  • Sizwe Williams

    Developer, squasher of bugs, and resident comedian

  • Jarod Kurland

    Developer, programmer of programmes and office djent-leman

  • Nick Thorby

    Developer, assembler of applications and resident speedster

  • Shaun Hogan

    Junior Developer, student of solutions and lead fire control expert

  • Francois Van Tonder

    Junior Developer, learner of languages and central coffee production lead

  • Melisa Hasircioglu

    Tester of systems, administrator of projects, and lead snack distributor

  • Chad Gibson

    Designer, artist of the aesthetic world and reigning drawing champion