Hour of Code 2018

We hosted our first Hour of Code in December 2018, joining 716 175 106 other participants, Assemble being one of the 203 locations in South Africa taking part. South Africa was one of over 180 countries taking part. This is a big deal! See here for more info.

We expected a handful of kids to arrive, and were pleasantly overwhelmed with 20 kids of all ages, all eager to learn to code. Kudo’s to each one of them, they worked together in various teams completing various activities. They learnt about Python, Raspberry Pi’s, Coding in general, and Nick’s group even got a “101” on Object Orientated Programming (they were 6, 7 and 8 years old).

Most of them submitted some coded instructions to a Raspberry Pi robot, located on the International Space Station, allowing it to give environmental readings, send personal messages, and show home-drawn pictures.

Thanks to everyone that jumped in to help: Jason, Jarod, Nick, Yokim, Ayrton, Toby, Alex, Thandi and Calvin. We needed every one of you that day – thanks!

We hope the event sparked interest in tech, and we’ll be hosting another couple of similar events before this year’s hour of code. Contact us to get involved or to register kids you know who would be keen. (Photo below used with parents permission)

Click below to see the Hour of Code site: